About us 

¡Hola Amigos! The word “Xaibe” comes from the Mayan language meaning 'crossroads'. It is a structure found in Coba where the Mayans used to meet and exchange goods. What does that have to do with us? Well, here in Xaibe Boutique we are the crossroad between culture, artisans and potential costumers. We know that in Mexico and Latin America is hard for an artisan to sell its products and make a profit. Our goal is to share with you the talents and knowledge of these artisans and help them make a profit where they can sustain their families. 

What is Xaibe Boutique? Culture at it’s finest. Xaibe Boutique brings you fashionable Latin cultural designs made by hand and with lots of love by our artisans. Our mission is to help others and share our beautiful culture. Xaibe Boutique is a family business fueled by integrity and passion.

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